Finger Touch Sensing in our Instruments

We have in recent incorporated Finger Touch sensing in our instruments so that the Flame Proof Certification of the instrument remains intact. As with our competitors they say that their instrument is flame proof certified but the spark gaps in their tactile switches mounted on the side void the certification. So when buying an instrument please make sure that you really get what you have asked for.

There are many advantages of using Finger Touch Sense Type Switching over Tactile Swtiching:

  • Tactile switches have a short life and are subject to mechanical wear and tear whereas Touch Sensing lasts for years.
  • Finger Touch Sensing are an ideal choice for hazardous locations unlike Tactile Switches where there are spark gaps which can lead to explosion in a inflammable Area.
  • With Touch Sensing Switches you will be glad to operate under a protective layer of Glass without making any physical contact with the Electronics Circuitry embedded inside the instrument which is not possible with Tactile Switches and also it voids intrinsic Safety limits.

Currently we have introduced finger touch sensing in our following instruments:

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