Electromagnetic Flow meter

Project Description

Under volumetric flow measurement, Electro-magnetic flow meter are used for fluid flow measurement of any conducting liquid like water or slurry that is flowing in closed pipes. Unlike Turbine flow meters, it is obstruction less and hence no drop in pressure is observed in the process line. Since there are no moving parts hence maintenance is very less. Many flow meters have to be recalibrated if the property of the liquid changes, like corrosiveness, density, viscosity, acidity and alkalinity. In case of Electro-magnetic Flow meters, the performance of the instrument is not affected by any deviation in these properties. Apart from liquids, even in pastes and slurries in water or treated waste water, it can accurately measure the flow rate. Perfect for use in plants of chemicals, fertilizers, paper, dairy, sugar, food etc.
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Operating Conditions:

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Accuracy - 99%
Performance - 95%
Maintenance - 10%
Sales rating - 75%


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