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Project Description

Glass Tube Rotameter
Accuracy - 98%
Performance - 95%
Maintenance - 50%
Sales rating - 75%
Glass Tube Rotameter is primarily a Variable Area Flow Meter. It is used for measuring instantaneous flow rate of liquids and gases. It is one of the oldest way of measuring the flow in use till date.

Glass Tube Rotameter consists of a conical flow tube. It has a linearly increasing cross section from bottom to top. It consists of a float as the primary element to indicate flow rate.

The float rises due to an increase in the flow velocity. As a result, the position of the float at different flow is then marked, calibrated. Finally it is then machined to form a scale on the eternal body of the Glass Tube Rotameter to device a perfect display.

Our Speciality
Scharf Automation's Glass Tube Rotameters are available in Flanged / Screwed / TC End connection and are installed in the pipeline facing vertically upward.

Furthermore, our Glass Tube Rotameters are fitted with toughened glass for an added strength.

It is most noteworthy that for higher accuracy flow measuring applications and for remote monitoring of flow via an analog 4-20mA output, our Turbine Flow Meter is recommended

Since Glass Tube Rotameters have an accuracy of 2% whereas Turbine Flow Meter have a much accuracy of 0.5%.
Besides this, Turbine Flow Meter have direct interfacing options with PLC/SCADA based Automation.

Volumetric Flow Measurement
No external power source is required
Will work on gravity flow
Weatherproof Stainless Steel Casing option available
Design & Calibration Confirrms to ISA-PR16.5 & ISA-PR16.6
Extreme low cost instrument
Alarm Switch Output available
Accuracy of +/-2%
Toughened Glass provided for durability

Media: Liquids / Gas
Viscosity 200 cp max
Line Size 4inch NB
Measuring Range 40,000 LPH
Density Upto 2.95
Transmitter Enclosure Weather-proof / Flame-proof, IP-65, IIA, IIB CMRI certified
Flange MS / SS304 / SS316
Process Connections 150 NB ASA Flanged
Mounting In-Line (Horizontal OR Vertical)
Operating Conditions:
Linearity +/- 0.5%
Accuracy +/- 2% F.S.
Repeatability +/- 2%
Normal Temperature 0 to 55 degC
Process Temperature (Max.) 150 degC max
Process Pressure (Max.) Up to 15 kg/cm2 (Depends on Model)

1. Glass Tube Rotameter with One/Two Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throught Flow Range.

2. Glass Tube Rotameter With Rear Connection.

3. Glass Tube Rotameter With Steam Jacket.

4. Glass Tube Rotameter With TC End.

5. Glass Tube Rotameter With Screwed Connection And Rear/Side Entry.

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