Metal Tube Rotameter

Project Description

Digital Metal Tube Rotameter with 4-20 mA and 2-Wire Transmission Output.


Accuracy - 98%
Performance - 95%
Maintenance - 50%
Sales rating - 75%
Metal Tube Rotameter is basically a Variable Area Flow Meter for measuring instantaneous flow rate of liquids, gases and steam applications. Metal Tube Rotameter is commissioned where there are demanding pressure and temperature constraints which a normal rotameter cannot withstand. Fully metal design body makes it a robust instrument and is extremely durable.

Scharf Automation's Digital Metal Tube Rotameters are fitted with an LCD screen with 4-20 mA / 2-Wire Transmission output, suitable for direct interfacing with PLC / SCADA system. 4-Wire Option for 4-20 mA output is also available with LED Display.

The essential working part is flow tube & precision machined magnetic float & assembly. The position of the float is sensed by a magnet and indicated On the dial in terms of flowrate.

It can be installed in line vertically upward & horizontally towards right or towards left. Consistent and long term performance is eminent with Metal Tube Rotameter along with accuracy and quality.

For higher accuracy applications, Turbine Flow Meter is recommended
as Digital Metal Tube Rotameters have an accuracy of 2%.

Volumetric Flow Measurement
Robust and durable
Suitable for High Pressure / Temperature lines
Weatherproof/Flameproof Stainless Steel Body
Design & Calibration Confirrms to ISA-PR16.5 & ISA-PR16.6
Relay Output to drive Contactor / Actuator
4-20mA Flowrate/Batcher Output - Configurable
Accuracy +/-2%

Mechanical: Electrical:
Media: Liquids / Gas / Steam
Viscosity 200 cp max
Line Size 4inch NB
Density Upto 2.95
Transmitter Enclosure Weather-proof / Flame-proof, IP-65, IIA, IIB CMRI certified
Flange MS / SS304 / SS316
Process Connections 150 NB ASA Flanged
Mounting In-Line (Horizontal OR Vertical)
Transmitter Output 4 to 20 mA DC
Relay Output & Rating Potentials Free Contacts & 5 Amp / 230 VAC
Display 6 Digit LCD
Power Supply 24 V DC External
Power Consumption <10 VA
Response Time < 50 m Sec
Connection Type 2-Wire
Operating Conditions:
Linearity +/- 1%
Accuracy +/- 2% F.S.
Repeatability +/- 2%
Normal Temperature 0 to 55 C
Process Temperature (Max.) 150 degC max
Process Pressure (Max.) as per requirement
Humidity 5 to 95% non condensing

1. Metal Tube Rotameter With Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throughtout Flow Range.

2. Metal Tube Rotameter With 4-20 mAmp Transmitter & Totalizer

3. Metal Tube Rotameter With Steam Jacket

4. Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter

5. Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter With Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throughtout Flow Range.

6. Metal Tube Rotameter with Rear Side Connection

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