Capacitance Type Level Transmitter Indicator Controller

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Project Description

Scharf Automation Capacitance Type Level Indicators or Sensors Digital Level Meter is employed for level measurement of liquids, slurries of homogeneous composition having a stable dielectric constant.

Capacitance Type Level Indicators senses the changes in the dielectric between the surfaces and translates the same into level signal in terms of 4-20mA output.

An output alarm function is also available to actuate a Pump or a Valve. A seamless performance is observed when accuracy, quality & consistency in operation is concerned.
For low cost level switch without display unit, just for indication, Capacitance Type Level Switch (click here) is recommended.

Level Measurement
Auto Level Control of Tank
Micro-controller based design
Flameproof Body with PTFE Coated Sensing element

Touch Sense display
Relay Output to drive Contactor / Actuator
4-20mA Flowrate / Batcher Output - Configurable
Accuracy +/-2%
Compatible with corrosive liquids level measurement, like Nitric Acid

Mechanical: Electrical:
Media: Liquids Only
Viscosity Any
Connection Size 50 NB
Density Any
Transmitter Enclosure Flame-proof, IP-65, IIA, IIB CMRI certified
Flange MS/SS304/SS316
Process Connections 150 NB ASA Flanged
Mounting Top of the tank
Transmitter Output 4 to 20 mA DC
Relay Output & Rating Potentials Free Contacts & 5 Amp / 230 VAC
Flowrate Display 4 Digit LED
Totalizer Display 8 Digit LED
Power Supply 24 V DC External
Power Consumption <10 VA
Response Time < 1 Sec
Connection Type 4-Wire
Operating Conditions:
Linearity +/- 0.5%
Accuracy +/- 2% F.S.
Repeatability +/- 1%
Normal Temperature 0 to 100 degC
Process Temperature (Max.) 150 degC max
Process Pressure (Max.) as per requirement
Humidity 5 to 95% non condensing

Capacitance Level Indicator

Accuracy - 98%
Performance - 95%
Maintenance - 80%
Sales rating - 45%

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