Transparent Level Indicator

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Transparent Level Indicator


Accuracy - 100%
Performance - 99%
Maintenance - 90%
Sales rating - 75%
Transparent Level Indicator is used for observing the Level of the liquid in a tank externally. The Transparent Level Indicator is attached to the side of the tank using Flange.

The Transparent Level Indicator is basically a Flat Glass with high quality framework of prismatic channel on the inner surface which is direct contact with the liquid. The light which strikes on the portion covered with liquid makes the portion BLACK due to refraction and the empty region reflects light making it SILVERY-WHITE. Hence we observe a clear line which indicates the level of the liquid, cancelling out the likelihood of erroneous readings.

We manufacture Transparent Level Indicator with clear Glass for visual level indication & specially for interface services or where the liquid is dirty or viscous.

For remote monitoring of Level via Analog Level Output, Capacitance Type Level Indicator Transmitter & Controller is recommended

Click here for Capacitance Type Level Indicator Transmitter & Controller

Level Measurement of Liquids
Robust and durable
Suitable for Low or High Pressure / Temperature tanks
Stainless Steel / MS Body

Media: Liquids
Wetted Parts: MS/CS/ASTM A105/SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/PP, Other Materials on request
Flange/Body: MS/CS/ASTM A 105/SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/PP, Other Materials on request
Process Connections: Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/ Socket Weld/ Butt Weld
Mounting: Side of the Tank Vertical
Design Temperature: 0 to 300 degC
Process Pressure (Max.): Upto 40 Kg/cm2

1. Transparent Level Indicator With 2 Nos Isolation Valve and 1 No. Drain Valve
2. Transparent Level Indicator With Vertical Connection
3. Transparent Level Indicator With Spring Loaded Push Valve and Drain Valve
4. Transparent Level Indicator With Frost Free Arrangement
5. Transparent Level Indicator With High & Low Level Switch
6. Transparent Level Indicator With Steam Jacket
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